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Welcome to Rancho Parralito

Spend a Day in Nature

Rancho el Parralito is a magical place filled with history and culture.


It's 875 acres of land are filled with natural and historic sights, perfect for a morning hike or Sunday Brunch. 

Explore our workshops or get a day pass and have access to the whole property and its amenities.


- Beautiful Dining Patio
- Private Vineyard and Gardens 
- Historic Ruins and Sights
- Artisanal Oven for Pizza Making 
- Meditation Room

- ATV & Hiking Trails

- Sacred Temazcal Womb

At Rancho Parralito we also offer personalized workshops and activities Workshops: - Pizza Time Workshop! - Detox Yoga Class - Sacred Temazcal Ceremony - Art & Wine - Acryllic Painting

Our Founder


Dr. Wendy Rudell


Traditional Naturopathy & Integrative Medicine

Dr. Wendy Rudell is a world traveler who spends as much time as she can in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For the past 40 years, Wendy has been actively involved in the healing arts, obtaining different degrees and certifications in Traditional Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine. 

Wendy’s journey has always involved searching for higher truths, mastering skills and acquiring knowledge that would eventually lead her to her present work as a Naturopathic Coach, board certified with NTCB, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Licensed Quantum Healer.  Wendy’s passion is to assist others to achieve optimum health and wellness on ALL levels.

"With attention and intention we can affect change in our health and wellness along with choosing the supporting lifestyle changes and nutrition to assist the body in returning to optimum balance."

Through Biofeedback Monitoring, Dr. Rudell addresses the categories of health relating to the physical body. She uses the ” INDIGO” quantum biofeedback device as an assessment tool to see what stress factors are affecting your physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  Wendy coaches each person in finding a healthier lifestyle that works for their lifestyle.

This may include super-nutrition, dietary and lifestyle changes, biofeedback retraining sessions, EFT, NLP, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic formulas, herbal remedies, tonics, medicinal plant oils, detoxification protocols, bio identical hormone balancing, colon health, massage therapy, hypnosis, quantum touch, live food nutrition, breath work, Scaler Wave Cold Laser therapy and much more.

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