Rancho Parrallito is conveniently located 20 minutes from San Jose del Cabo along a well maintained Municipal dirt road that provides local access across the peninsula. Additional highway access to the ranch & surrounding area will become available in the near future when a new cloverleaf and exits are built connecting the new highway to the Cabo Real artery road to the coast. Although It is still unconfirmed at this time when the cloverleaf will be completed, it is included and approved in the SCT masterplan for the highway system. More information on this will be updated as soon as it becomes available. contact us


Situated on a diverse topography of level mesas, low rolling hills, and ridge-lines intersected with at least 8 distinctive arroyos, the 780 acre Rancho Parralito property is an ideal location for almost any type of private or public development and construction. The ranch's altitude, climate, and south facing terrain are also ideal for major expansion & development of the vineyard into a large scale commercial or tourist operation. Panoramic sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez are found from many points on the ranch as it gently slopes toward the ocean with a 320 ft change in elevation from north to south over 1.2 miles. 


The Rancho Parralito complex consists of 6 main structures, 4 of which are conjoined to form the main ranch house (kitchen & dining area, 2 bedrooms areas, & a bathrooms and bodega). The main ranch house complex also includes a large covered outside dining area and 2 additional covered service & storage areas, one of which is large enough to store vehicles under, The 5th structure is a separate 2 story building with an outdoor bedroom & lookout, located 30 meters to the NE across the arroyo from the main complex near the vineyard. The 6th structure is the original large 2 room adobe homestead, located 60 meters south across the arroyo and up the hill from the main ranch house. There are 2 irrigated fruit tree Huertas and 2 livestock Corrals located 30-40 meters across the arroyo to the east and south from the main ranch house, and a large organic garden that is part of the main ranch house complex. The ranch is serviced by 2 fresh water wells, the original main well located 35 meters to the NE of the ranch house, and the  2nd well is located 200 meters to the west next to an arroyo with a 3rd Huerta. Additional larger amounts of water for development can be purchased through private water use contracts.


Rancho Parralito has numerous internal graded dirt access roads that cross the ranch from north to south and east to west. All important areas of the ranch are accessible by internal roads as well as arroyos that provide additional seasonal access. There are a total of 3 possible entrance/exit roads from the ranch from the north, west and south sides, with the north road being the principal route. Although access from the east side is technically possible through an arroyo, this area is currently fenced off and is not used for access.


The primary access road to Rancho Parralito is on the improved East-West dirt road from San Jose to El Sauzal beginning near the Convention Center close to the airport toll booths. It is a 20 minute drive to the ranch depending on road and weather conditions. There are 2 additional access road, one from the west, and another from the south. Access from the west comes from a secondary dirt road that connects to the primary East-West El Sauzal to San Jose dirt road. Access from the south is from a secondary dirt road that intermittently transverses an arroyo down to the CFE Cabo Real SubStaiion next to the new airport toll road.



Although direct access from the new Cabo San Lucas to San Jose airport highway is currently unavailable, a new cloverleaf and exits connecting the ranch area to the highway and Cabo Real coastal artery will be built according to the SCT highway masterplan sometime in the near future.

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