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One of the few truly magical Baja ranch properties & vineyard, set among historic 150 year old adobe ranch buildings, beautifully decorated with original ranch antiques and unique Baja artwork. This historic 162 year old ranch is situated on 870 acres of scenic mesas and arroyos in the highlands of the beautiful El Tule valley, just 10 km west of San Jose and 1 km off the new Cabo to San Jose airport highway. Rancho Parralito offers an enchanting blend of breathtaking views to the Sea of Cortez and the scenic ambiance and harmony with the flora & fauna of Baja's lush tropical desert. At 1200 to 1500 ft elevation, a refreshingly cooler climate, plentiful water, and ideal terrain, Rancho Parralito has become home to the first successful vineyard & winery in Los Cabos bringing both local and international recognition. The 870 acres of Rancho Parralito has immense potential for private development, resort or residential investment, corporate retreats, adventure activities, and charming venue for concerts or special events. A personal visit to the ranch is a must to experience it's tranquility & beauty, and to understand the almost unlimited potential of this unique property.  Click Here  to download our latest presentation.


Rancho Parralito is privately owned property and now free and clear full Mexican Title so it can be offered for sale and transferred to new ownership through Escritura or Fidiecomiso. All serious interest and offers on the ranch are being entertained at this time. 


The 870 acres of Rancho Parralito has unlimited potential for private investment and development of private residential, vineyard, masterplan community, elite resort, corporate retreat, adventure & tourism activities, and as a spectacular venue for special events, concerts, & weddings. A personal visit to Rancho Parralito is a must to understand the property's amazing potential and experience the elegant ambiance, tranquility, and beauty, the ranch has to offer. Please contact us to schedule a visit to Rancho Parralito or get more details 

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