vie 29 de oct. | San José del Cabo

UMBRAL - Selva Sagrada

This ceremony will be led by Diego Mora who has been leading ceremonies with permission, giving Yagé and accompanying with his music for over 10 years. The Yagé that he shares is prepared in the jungle in Putumayo, Colombia for thinking beautiful thoughts and making correct decisions.
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UMBRAL - Selva Sagrada

Time & Location

29-oct. 19:00 – 30-oct. 19:00
San José del Cabo, altura del km 1+000 del nuevo libramiento a, 23400 San Lucas, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., Mexico

About the Event

Diego Mora started on the path of Yagé (Ayahuasca) 25 years ago, accompanying the Taitas Sionas of Putumayo with music.

 6 years later he was selected to begin preparations to have permission to share the Yagesito.  

He has been leading ceremonies with permission, giving Yagé and accompanying with his music for over 10 years

The Yagé that he shares is prepared by Taita Norman Piaguaje, the grandson of the great Grandfather Pacho Piaguaje.

 The Yagesito which brings the message from the grandparents of living in brotherhood, of thinking beautiful thoughts and of making correct decisions. 

Taita Norman prepares the Yagé in his home in the jungle in Putumayo, Colombia

Cindy Ladner first travelled to Colombia to learn about the Yagé culture in 2014 and participated in weekly ceremonies with Taita Carlos Palchucan of the Pastos for over 5 years. She also travelled with Siona Taita Pacheco, the son of Taita Pacho Piaguaje, on 10 trips to Mexico over the course of 3 years. Throughout the past 7 years she has participated in multiple other ceremonies led by various Colombian Taitas and community elders.

Cindy met Diego Mora in 2015 and has been accompanying him in weekly ceremonies in Colombia and Mexico since 2016.

Mauricio Naranjo is a Colombian multi-instrumentalist musician, trained in the indigenous traditions of the Pasto culture, where he has had the opportunity to learn and develop the art of music as a tool for healing and spiritual growth, accompanying sacred healing rituals for more than 17 years. through sacred plants such as yagé or ayahuasca, where he plays different traditional musical instruments such as yapurutu flutes, quenas, zampopñas, antaras, pinkullos, ocarinas, among others, in the same way with string instruments such as the charango and the guitar, and percussion such as the Lakota drum and the leguero bass drum; highlighting traditional and indigenous rhythms that reflect a praise to mother nature, always carrying a message of respect, value and unity among peoples and the importance of remembering ancestral thought.

In his training process he has specialized in the therapeutic use of music through the use of different musical instruments from different parts of the world with which physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are worked, offering the possibility of a reconnection with the inner being. and self-recognition, from there to plant the foundations of well-being, good living and harmony with the world around us.